Wiesje Verpeut



Wiesje Verpeut here on the other side of the screen. Welcome!

First of all i want to apologise for my imperfect english. I'm used to write and talk with 'international' friends to be able to communicate and understand each other, but i'm not an english translator :-). I hope this does not deter you from reading on. (Feel free to help me out with the english translation)

This said ... 

I am is a free lance designer, working in textiles, fashion, art & decoration, photography, graphic design and marketing. Creativity, structure and a good portion of challenge are important parameters combined in all my work. Storytelling and poetry are some of my other passions. Later i will probably also add a page with my own recipes and delicacies.

A small word of explanation:
This website is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. A new season in which I start to live. It will be a workpiece, a growth process, a stepping outside ...

At the moment I am looking for assignments for both short and long term that are in line with my competences and interests.

With this website I want to show you around in my life:
- in what I did
- in what I do today
- in what we can possibly do together

Moreover, it should give you an overall picture of who I am and gives you the freedom to match on supplementary and / or complementary level.

Sit down with a cup of coffee, tea or something else that you like and take a look around. Feel free to ask questions, give comments, send a review, ... Overall I also would like to get to known the one on the other side of the screen. ☺

Enjoy and have a nice day! Gr.wiesje

24/03/2019 - independent entrepreneur again!

My website is almost a year old and unfortunately not always kept up-to-date due to a lack of time. In the meantime, I ran into interesting people here and there, for which I am very grateful. People meet, talk and enjoy people. (Could this be a new marketing motto? ;-) )

In addition, my plans have changed somewhat since the start of this website.

  • In the meantime I am taking a jewellery-goldsmith course and want to combine this with a brand of up cycled couture / designer clothing. More about this soon.

  • Also, I am looking for some free lance challenges for about 2 to 3 days a week. This can / may be in line with my previous work experience in marketing - calculation / project management in the field of construction - textile and interior design ... or something totally new, that is still possible.

The big news is that from next month on I will activate my business number again and will therefore work professionally on these visions. Let me know if we can work together somehow!

Again: Enjoy and have a nice day! Gr.wiesje