(w)hOliness - 2017 - 0

Acryl painting about holiness that makes whole in the One that has no beginning and no end. The white colour makes it clear that blameless white can also have its own identity and reflection.
W60cm x H35cm


Save in Your arms - 2017 - 1

First painting i made in acryl. I wanted to learn how to work with relief with this kind of paint.

Don't think i have to give explanation about the meaning of this one - lol.

Today, 13/12/18, i checked my instagram account with melancholy and thankfullness about all the good and funny memories that have been so far. Than i saw that i’ve posted this painting as the first pic on instagram.
My eyes opened by the fact that at the time that i made this painting, it was actually an appointed time of God to bring much deeper healing in my heart.

safe in Your arms … forever!
forever thankful!