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Hello everyone,

This is the first time that i’ll try to translate my blogpost in english. Forgive me because it is not perfect. If anyone feels called to help me with that, feel free to contact me. The more prose texts are certainly difficult to translate, since many rhymes and puns are used in the Dutch version. But it's a challenge for me and I feel that I have to do it, so here i am ...

This will probably be one of my longest blog posts ever. Craving to tell and writing off are probably the basis of that. Put on some music while you read, enjoy and eat! (if you don't know any background music, below does give some good summer reggae vibes, this is an essential part of our household at the moment)

In my latest blogpost i gave short update of what happened the last months. Since in the meantime a lot has been thought and been reflected, decisions have been made and insights have been put up for sale, I would like to elaborate on this.

Lately, i have (re) discovered many people who - like me - are looking for the depths of life. The many ‘why- questions’ are asked inside, they are usually left unanswered, often it happens that even not a single companion has met with the deep questions from their souls. Maybe I am lucky enough to be able to browse those beautiful hearts from time to time. For that single moment ...
Don't get me wrong, I don't know the answers to the questions, right? But I want to use this fact to be open and transparent myself. Telling everything is impossible - too many things are happening for that - ... But still, who today shares the painful things of life, the troubles, the rejection, the difficulties that one goes through ... everything must be salaam and shalom or happy, joy joy ... but that is not a daily reality for many. Many of the torn go hidden by life.

Hence a bit of transparency. Sharing a piece of Wiesje's soul with ...
It has become clear to me (and my husband) only a few weeks ago that I experienced a serious crash some months ago. The proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back had struck. Due to the hustle and bustle of all sorts of things to be arranged, I continued on adrenaline, I went beyond my own limits. The result was that I locked myself in, very few people received the permission to see the inside of me.
Buckets full of tears were my companions, heart and muscle aches did not leave me. It was a survival on Kinder Bueno’s and Pepsi Max Ginger, they were the bright spots of my life. (let me be clear, I don't get a premium to advertise for this, these are just excellent products to be able to keep breathing, can also come in handy when you just want to enjoy yourself, lol)


I remember the many hours that I walked the ramparts in Ypres, discussing everything with God, or i kept silent, or i just quietly put one pass after the other, learning to trust Him that He had everything in His hands. Did I know a lot about what was really going on? Who really knows that?

Who can judge what comes from God and what doesn't? We often do not understand our own lives, thoughts and feelings. KEEP ME FROM THAT - (read the short story further in this blog)

When I start telling about all that happened in my life and how it affects an HSP / INFJ, I often get the comment: "You should write a book, Wiesje."
That is what i’m doing ... here on the website and at home, my many diaries, the saferoom ...
Yet I am well aware that I am not the only one who stumbles and hops through the valley of darkness. Often way too long. Sometimes people realize it, sometimes they don't, until ...
the rubber band broke, well … it has broken (Voila, the words are out - lol)

I don't care if you are a believer or not, atheist, spiritual, Christian, Muslim, Jew or whatever ... call it what you want. Holy or unholy in their own eyes ...
Everyone is looking for real love. Me too ...
Everyone is looking for acceptance. Me too ...
Or as a rediscovered friend said last: "From the moment we are born our life is a walk towards healing with GOD." (Quoted freely)
About that love, about that acceptance, I write more in the article about 'pain-t (h) ings'.

Two years ago I attended some ‘career guidance sessions’. (Jürgen Braekeveldt - highly recommended!) I had a burn-out, or rather, I was completely through it. What was told during the sessions helped me in the first place to have greater determination. Still, I realize today that I went back to work way too quickly, especially in matters that were not tailored to me.
Surviving, surviving ... living in a society where everything has to go fast. You get to work passionately and before you know it, the disappointment lurks around the corner.
Jürgen had warned me and that's how it happened. I can still see him drawing on the whiteboard with his pen: "Wiesje, this is your life ..." He drew an ever-increasing stress curve, with occasional very small descents, moments when I could not cope anymore and was forced to 'take a moment' out '. but the curve continued to rise.
It went on rising, until I would take the situation seriously ... of until the rubber band would break. Well, it broke ...
For whom recognizable ??


There is a lot to process to get back to normal and healthy stress levels. Based on these insights, I have made a number of decisions:

  • I give priority to healing, instead of throwing myself again into systems of survival. In concrete terms, this means that I want to do the stuff that gives me life, passion and what i’ve been made for ... (With a deep and sincere thanks to my husband Hiskia, who has so much understanding and respect for this, no reproach, no pointing fingers ... I realize very well why God put us together. A person needs patience for this. I am grateful.)

  • I don't want to live in mediocrity anymore. I have lived too long in a golden cage where i survived on bread and water. The door of the cage is open and I get out. I want to go back to the kidnapped creativity of the days back then. I want to grow and flourish.

  • I want to live ... joy, joy, joy. This is a time of HOPE! I’m passing the past.

For whom is this recognizable? There is a way out!



As part of optimizing my website, I needed a photo with the word ‘PAINTINGS’ - preferably painted. I also wanted to involve my son Daouda and that's how it happened ...

The paint was removed from the moving box and we started. The old wall of my office became the surface. The wallpaper was subtracted, so the brown wall could use some color. Daouda opted for a wonderfully beautiful color palette. I went for a little more subtlety - I like subtle shades of white - so I just painted the word: paintings.


After a few moments my little one got bored to continue painting on his side. He wanted to paint TOGETHER with me. In my head this had no chance of success, so I rejected the boy. High sensitive as he is, he went to his room to sulk and did no longer want to paint.

I thought it was an unpleasant moment, something that was supposed to be a fun quality time activity, once again led to disappointment, both for him and for myself. "You never let me do anything" - "Honey, we agreed, each one its own side."
I could already fully imagining it: my entire office would be covered with paint. I was absolutely not in the mood for that, so I insisted. Moreover, i did not like my own painted part. I didn't want to put just the word "paintings" on my website. There had to be more ... I searched for the deeper meaning.

I found this meaning in my line of thought about the course of events. I felt Daouda's pain and rejection. He just wanted to paint the same as me. He looked up at me (literally, because I painted above him, lol) and I brought him down figuratively.


I felt his pain and the word paintings was turned into "pain things". I understood that it was better for me to let go of my own thinking and to involve my child again. I know the terrible pain of rejection and I didn't want to do this to the boy. It is for a reason that the name Daouda means my beloved!

Daouda - my beloved

Daouda - my beloved

Painting together.

Painting together.

I went to get him, we painted further together. The brush in shades of white, the wall covered together. Finished.

How wonderful it is to be able to work in this way at the moment. While I'm writing here, the colorful wall winks at me, I feel encouraged!


6.Because you are worth it - begin.jpg

A while ago I posted a photo on the EL.AGE.EF Facebook page of myself with the earrings that Daouda had made for my Mother's Day. He had put his complete love and pride into this. Admittedly, they were not immediately portable at first sight, but I didn't want to disappoint him.

With my complete love and pride, I wanted to create something else together with him. We have made the earrings literally and figuratively wearable and way more valuable. I kept the silver ring that Daouda had made, the rest I made in 18kt gold thread / chain. A challenge because I didn't know how much the part that Daouda made could stand the heat that i needed to do the gold part.

So often during my studies as a jeweler-goldsmith I saw requests pass from people who want to make a jewel as a reminder of someone who has passed away. Which is good! I am open to it. We need to cherish the memories our loved ones. But how much more could we do this while they are still alive. I proudly wear the earrings that my dear son has made. Nurturing forever ... with life and well-being, ...


If you also want such a favorite piece processed in a jewel, let me know. Let us cherish our beloved ones, let the other person know that he / she is unique to you ... isn't that the story of EL.AGE.EF?

(For more information about the name and the vision of EL.AGE.EF, i refer to the bottom of this linked page)


His deep brown penetrating eyes said with a loving voice: "From the moment we are born our life is a walk towards healing with GOD." (Freely quoted) She added: "Yes, the search for becoming one with HIM."

They agreed on this.
There were several things they agreed on ...
How nice it was to see each other again. How life had meanwhile wound in all directions. How timing knows no coincidence. How everything is in His hands. But above all, how nice it was to see each other again.

Few know and have known. Few will see and have seen. Few have felt as deeply as they have felt. The depth of vulnerability. They also agreed on this.

She thought back while the night hours passed by.
Although peace and tranquility grew deep in her roots, in the meantime some branches with fruit were ripped from its trunk. There was cutting and notching in the thick bark that protected her annual rings. She observed and could not move, the roots held her tight. So she let it happen, realizing that she would be strong enough to survive this too. The remaining branches howling in the wind.
Keep me from the night that bleeds.

Keep me from causing storms in still waters.
Keep me from catching a monster in the mirror.
Keep me from carving words in the marrow.
Keep me from making the child fruitless.
Keep me from pushing the pain through the paper.
Keep me from break the branches off their trees.

In the meantime, she already knew the ins and outs of jerking and pushing the will. Judging becomes bored, lives on, eats itself in the wounds and eventually digest the flesh. An innocent opinion was given.
In the meantime, she knew the cooking and boiling of the carving in the wounds and how you die little by little.
In the meantime, she knew how to wake and discover the monsters in still waters.
Keep me from that.
The monstrous judgment lives, gobbles and digests.
Keep me from that.

They had all taken a precious road, why should we judge?
Can years, months, days, hours of absence tell anything about the search that has been made in the meantime? About the thoughts and the working forces? About blowing and howling in the branches? About the growing and the flourishing of time in absence? About the pain of being, the walk towards being one?
Keep me from that.
Heal me.

(extract from "To be honest ..." - read the full story (in dutch) here)

I am looking for the following:
- Pieces of leather (I use this to make my jewelry bags and other marketing tools, but more about that in my next blog post)
- People who want to be a model for my jewelry collection.
— Please contact me if you can help me with this!

Professional update:

Since my previous blog post, I have mainly been busy updating this website, continuing to work on jewelry. I also wrote a lot. (Here and there also enjoyed the holiday ;-))

The EL.AGE.EF website is currently on hold. But more about EL.AGE.EF jewelry (and later clothing) can be found on the Instagram and Facebook page. If you want to be kept informed, you can always follow / like it ...

I also received a 3D printer from my father-in-law for my birthday. Soon I will start testing this to design jewelry that way! Exciting! (Thanks dad!)

The magazine that I made for my thesis is now also online. Feel free to take a look below ... (even more reading - hahaha - mostly in Dutch, i’m sorry - if someone wants it in english, talk to me and i’ll see what i can do )

Voila, let me know if there are opportunities on a professional level to work together. Also, about the EL.AGE.EF collection, if there are jewels that you are interested in, let me know or if you would like a handmade jewel on request, please contact me.

This was it then - be blessed. As always: it is nice to know your opinion and reactions. Was it interesting? Does this bring anything? Does it bring something up? Does it make sense that I still write such blog posts? Do you want to talk about it?

Or as we are overwhelmed by "the golden rule": On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this website to someone else?

Hahahaha… No, just let me know something would be great,

With love, w

One last question. When I lived in Kortrijk, I held worship (dance) sessions at my home (together with Elisa and Deef). I’m kind of thinking about organizing this back at our house ... Someone who likes this?
— Worship dance sessions represents an evening of meeting with others and with God under the guidance of fun dance vibes. (everyone is welcome)

13885 - Ghajommojanjégowja - start of a new day ...

"THAT IT IS ALL THE BEST !!!", she shouted as loudly as she could
"That it is all best !!" "That it is all best!" "That it is all best," echoed it after…

"THAT WE DON'T SEE EACH OTHER !!", she shouted a little less loudly.
"That we don't see each other!" "That we don't see each other," it echoed after ...

The first words were typed, she went back to bed, hoping to get to sleep and continue writing tomorrow, nothing could be further from the truth, because the story unfolds in her mind, she can no longer concentrate on dozing off.

The chuckle returns to the top: "Ghajommojanjégowja" ... How long had that been since she thought about the former stop word of her ex-granny-in-law. She secretly heard her first husband after-echoing her: "Ghajommojanjégowja." The word said, when nothing else is said, as if silence would be a contagious disease. They both chuckled, their giggles folded in their hands. Both caught.

She was caught by the growing story in her heart. Her head hits tilt.
"What is it about? Is it about our neighbors? Is it about a wall that has fallen over? ”Hahahahaha…
It is clear that the neighbour in bed has not yet processed the fallen wall. What does a person think of just before bedtime?

She starts again:
"THAT IT IS ALL THE BEST !!!", she shouted as loudly as she could
"That it is all best !!" "That it is all best!" "That it is all best," echoed it after…

"THAT WE DON'T SEE EACH OTHER !!", she shouted a little less loudly.
"That we don't see each other!" "That we don't see each other," it echoed after ...

She remembers her workout and the thoughts that had slipped. Secretly (or yes, not so secretly) she had ventured into Facebook news. Who puts a photo of a half-naked beach man on Facebook? “Put it away! Put it away! ”Thankfully that the vision has not yet been carved on the glass of her eyes. "Never do that again!"
What would the reactions be if she would appear in a bikini on Facebook. It wouldn't be tender. No, that happened once (without her permission - there was no updated GDPR legislation at the time), never again ... The reactions were not tender ...
By writing this down, she knew that she was more naked than ever before, she couldn't care less.
But she insisted on thinking about it. Unraveling her own thoughts. From where that reaction?
Uncensored thinking. Hilarious!
Holy versus unholy or human versus inhuman? Probably a little of both.
She realized that this brought out the human being in her and that it feels like she is leaving her holiness for unholiness. Nothing is less true.

I’m alive, she cries. "I LIVE !!!"
"I live !!" "I live!" "I live"
"I glance for the clamorous in the growing numb. I hunt for the exult in the cheering. I quest for the rapturous nonsense on this earthly roundness”

" Joy !! " "Joy! " "Joy "... is missing?
Somewhere around the corner, on the day that she rejoiced.

"Ghajommojanjégowja !!" "Ghajommojanjégowja!"

She would like to hear you echo that word.
She laughs, ow yes, she roars with laughter.

(extract from "A reality in serious nonsense - 13733" - read the full story here in Dutch)