Preparing decoration for 'Benefit PeLunca' 2018

And in the days of the preparing ... 


my kitchen table has become a working place. 

Every year, my brother and i organise the decoration of the 'Benefit' for the project PeLunca of our friends Tijs&Jessica in Romania. 
This year it is to me even more special, because i had the opportunity last summer to visit their project and work with this fabulous couple. It was such a blessed time! I lost a piece of my heart over there.  Hope to visit/help them soon again. 

First i saw it from afar, but now I’ve seen it with my own eyes ...
— Requoting Job

This means that i want to dedicate my first blog post to these people and this project, which is close to my heart! Still some days to inscribe for the benefit. Be there!

(Poster not by me)

(Poster not by me)

Soon i will post some more pictures explaining my trip to Romania last year.

As you can see, this website is far from finished. I'm working on it every day, it makes me happy to see rest & peace coming into place after some tough years in every way of my life. I am grateful that a turnaround has come into my life. Also grateful for all those who stood beside me during all this time. (You know who you are ...)