Several times my brother Matthias and I were asked to take care of the decoration at different events. This includes the annual benefit of PeLunca and several marriages have already been reviewed.

It is a passion and more than that. Most of them explain us crazy about the work that is put into it, but that's how we like it.

We prefer to work as much as possible with materials that normally end up in the garbage bag, such as pet bottles, brick suits, tin cans, ... More and more we also work on the reusability of the things we make, so that they can be rented out for other events. In the future we will show here several applications of certain basic pieces. Feel free to contact me if interested in our decoration or for renting our pieces. We can also be found for tips and tricks!

It must be said that at each of these events we are helped by fantastic people who also take our foolishness to heart, they are willing to invest their time to make an event shine and in this way to extra spoil the guests!