As a child it was certain that I would become a fashion designer, at least that's what I thought. I still see myself fascinated by my mum, who skillfully served the sewing machine and neatly arranged the pieces of the clothing together in the order of the sewing book. I always asked her if we could not change something, make it a bit personal, ...

A little later I wanted to figure it out for myself and dugged into the matter how clothes are put together. Many times the question came: but why do you want to design so much, what is the underlying idea? Then the answer was always (and this has not changed):

"I want to make people beautiful, make people happy, make people laugh, ... give something somewhere that makes them feel better"

After my successful entrance exam at the academy in Ghent, for several reasons I finally could not start ... there the dream fell asleep. Now the question arises whether I should wake the dream again?

The pictures below were made for my entrance exam.

EN: In 2017 I designed a number of t-shirts for a group of gypsy girls in Romos, Romania. I wanted to give them a personal gift. At the front a number of Belgian children had their hands painted on the sewn heart. At the back their name was painted with below: "Made with love by ... (name of the child who had painted his hands)"

Full overview of own fabrications - soon more. (There's more info by clicking on the photo)