Rolled, figuratively then, I've rolled a bit into photography. To be honest, more that i had to  than out of interest or out of warm enthusiasm. When I worked at Diaz Sunprotection, it was no longer possible to work with a professional photographer, so I was kindly instructed to take on photography. I set off with only a few reviewed books on basic principles of photography and a great camera + material in my pocket.

I liked it, so much so that I am still working on it and that it makes me happy. The combination of taking pics and some photoshop is the best for me. I also have a clear preference for product photography, although I do have a reportage here and there. During my weekend walks, I can not resist taking snapshots. Often it is also the underlying feeling that has endeared me in certain photos. i love storytelling and telling about the people in the story

Below are some collections of photos. You will see that this website is generally filled with it.